This site will allow entrepreneurs to submit their own investment proposals for new businesses and interact with fund managers.

In order to receive funding from the IIF-II, the company must be located in Indiana, willing to relocate to Indiana, or have a significant operational footprint in the state.

The following are suggested guidelines for investment proposal submission.

Indiana Investment Fund II

Guidelines for Investment Proposal Submissions

Company Information

  • Name
  • Name of company contact
  • Address, email, telephone number

Market Information

  • Description of market need to be met, together with any supporting data
  • Description of customer to be served
  • Customer validation to date for proposed product
  • Noteworthy trends in target market
  • Size and growth rate of target market
  • Major competitors in target market (indicate those which have received venture financing)

Product Information

  • Description of product
  • Intellectual property/patent portfolio
  • Cost/benefit analysis compared to competitors' validation of the technology
  • Status of product development and projected timeline to market


  • Relevant experience and detailed biographies of key participants in management
  • Relevant experience and detailed biographies of members of the Board of Directors and Advisory Board(s) (if any)
  • Key vacancies and plans to fill them, including timing of additions

Financial Information

  • Show forecasted revenue and profit for first 5 years of operation
  • Indicate how much financing will be required to fund that forecast, how much being sought in this round and any fundraising activities completed to dated